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Note: At this time I believe Bob Deal's son-in-law is working on our very own Platoon 1066 website for our nostalgic pleasure. Keep in mind I am not a web developer or web master. I am rather an electrical engineering type with a fetish for computers. I have and maintain two commercial websites which are used primarily for experimentation with data storage. My actual "real job" daily task consist  of developing software (writing code) for data acquisition as well as other electrical engineering task. My ability to write actual code as used in web development focuses on knowing enough to be dangerous. The server hosting this page has little on it so I figured what the hell, I'll use some space.

On another note, during the 60s show in Branson MO. the subject came up as to a great 60s music website. This is a great site: http://chu65nang67.us/nam/vietnam.html and run by a former Marine. Chu is a great guy and Kathy and I have supported his site in the past. Unlimited music of the era for your listening pleasure. Depending on your browser's settings the link may open in a new page or navigate away from this page. Just use your browser's back button to get back here.


This particular Platoon 1066 graduated Marine Corps Recruit Training (Boot Camp) on 12 June 1969 at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego California. For those who can think back that was 40 years ago. We were young, we were invincible and we were United States Marines. So what is a United States Marine?

That may be summed up as follows:

You can keep your Army khaki;
you can keep your Navy blue.
I have the world's best fighting man,
to introduce to you.

His uniform is different,
the best you've ever seen.
The German's called him "Devil Dog,"
His real name is "Marine"

He was born in San Diego,
The place where God forgot.
The sand is eighteen inches deep,
the sun is blazing hot.

He gets up every morning,
before the rising sun.
He'll run a hundred miles and more,
before the day is done.

He's deadly with a rifle,
a bayonet made of steel.
He took the warrior's calling card;
He's mastered how to kill.

And when he gets to heaven,
St. Peter he will tell,
Another Marine reporting, sir,
I've served my time in Hell.

So listen, all you young girls,
to what I have to say:
Go find yourself a young Marine,
to love you every day.

He'll hug you and he'll kiss you,
and treat you like a queen.
There is no better Fighting Man:
The United States Marine!


For those who remember the really nice film clip from our 60s evening it can be found below:

Note: I also included a clip that covers "The True Meaning of Memorial Day". Should anyone have any good USMC clips fell free to send them to me.

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